Stuck at home without school seemed like a fun idea... until it happened.


Our team have created a 'sibling survival kit' to help keep bickering and boredom at bay...


From our favourite games to craft kits and scavenger hunts, ideas and challenges, our kits are jam packed with thoughtful, creative, screen-free and interactive ways to keep smaller minds busy.


Let us know your children's ages and gender, and we will make you a bespoke pack including-


- 2 x card games ( uno/ dobble/ top trumps etc)

- Little top charades

- Little top family truth or dare game

- 2 x craft activities per child ( feather headdress/ wings/ superhero masks/ pompom hats etc)

- scavenger hunt for around the house/ garden

- flyers- planes/ unicorns

- game book- squares/ noughts and crosses/ hangman boards

- bouncy balls

- bubble fun

- ribbon wands

- balloons and balloon game ideas ( balloon tennis/ volleyball/ keepy uppys etc)

- the little top list of top ideas for games around the house-  measure up/ stop the clock!


Plus, depending on ages, 1 of the below per child-

- pampering- metallic tattoos/ nail polishes

- playdoh and a list of ideas to make

- beading kit, elastic, beads, threadable pompoms and tassels



We make each box bespoke so please let us know the ages and gender of your children and we will amend our packing to make sure it suits them!

Sibling Survival Kit- Lockdown Fun!

Amount of children

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