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Are you having children at your wedding and looking for some help keeping them entertained? With our extensive experience in wedding childcare, we have developed a magical box of tricks to keep your smaller guests happy and busy so that your bigger guests can relax and enjoy the day!

Each kit is made bespoke to suit the gender and ages of your guests, and each box is full of fun for up to 10 children 


- art and craft activities ( tiara/ mask/hat making, stickers,pompoms and gems)
- colour in tablecloth and crayons/ colouring pencils
- metallic tattoos, face gems and wet wipes
- 4 x travel games ( a selection- guess who/ connect 4/ uno/pickup sticks/ bingo/ charades/ dobble etc)
- fancy dress props and ribbon wands
- mini lego kits/ jewellery making kits
- a bespoke wedding scavenger hunt x10
- beach ball/ inflatable instruments
- paper airplane kits
- juggling balls
- balloons
- bubbles
- playdoh

- playing cards 

Please fill in the drop down box with the details of your smaller guests and the date of your wedding.

Wedding Survival Kit x 10

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