About The Little Top Team

I'm Susie and I started up The Little Top in 2013 after attending many weddings and events with my own children and finding them a pretty stressful experience for all of us, with little or no provision for children and families. When children were catered for, it was never stylish, beautiful or in keeping with the rest of the day, which would add so much to the event for everyone involved.

I realised that if the children were happy and entertained at an event, then the parents would be happy and relaxed, and the bride and groom would be happy, as every single person there would be able to thoroughly enjoy their big day.

After spending 15 years as a fashion designer, I decided to venture out with my own business in 2013, and hopefully will keep on bringing smiles to faces, not just on the smaller guests but the bigger ones too. We now have a fantastic and expanding team who are dedicated to making your occasion as memorable as we possibly can for all who attend, and are constantly pushing creative boundaries to design and execute beautiful, happy events and parties.

I am aided and abetted by the fantastic team of superheroes below...

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