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Gone are the days of single use plastic and shiny foil decorations- at The Little Top we are committed to making parties and events beautiful without damaging the Earth.


Our creches and events are bursting with reusable games, toys and fun. We work with recycled crafts, we build and make workshops with repurposed decorations and ensure we reduce waste, particularly plastic. 

We use rechargeable lights and always opt for paperless communication with clients.

We donate used equipment to schools and homeless charities to ensure that even if something isn't 'wedding' perfect, it can still be used by those in need.

If at the end of an event or party we have any balloons or decor unwanted, this is donated to local community groups or schools to be reused and re-loved.


The offcuts of our workshop from our handmade cushions and pouffes are used to make craft kits and wall hangings. 


We work with incredible local suppliers and teams, reducing unnecessary travel and energy use, and encourage our team to car share whenever possible.


We are lucky to work with and recommend many sustainable and B-corp suppliers and venues who share our vision of being environmentally conscious. 

We work with biodegradable eco-glitter face painters, organic biodegradable balloon companies, and local caterers wherever possible.


We do our best to work with decor companies that are registered B-corp and offer recycled/ environmentally friendly decor options. We make our own decorations and props in house where possible. We use biodegradable balloons and repurpose not so perfect decor through our craft workshops. 

We make bespoke party bags, goody bags and favours in house with not a tacky plastic toy in sight- hand made and printed reusable fabric bags, recycled party bags and take home gifts that last, from clothing to home decor kits. 

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