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Do We Really Need a Wedding Planner?

Planning that "big day" can be very stressful even for the most organised couple. Find out just how much a wedding planner can really help you enjoy organising that once in a lifetime event...

Whether you need the help of a wedding planner really depends... Would you rather spend the lead up to your wedding stressed, panicking, trawling the internet for suppliers, worrying about budgets, panic buying and overpaying on unnecessary details and then realise you still haven't written the place names and finished sewing the personalised bunting on your wedding morning?

Or might a little helping hand or even the whole creation of your dream wedding be rather marvellous?

I don't know anyone who has regretted employing a planner to help them. I know a few who have regretted NOT doing so. It is unlikely that you have planned a wedding before, so you are therefore unlikely to be an expert at it, know the best suppliers, know acceptable costs, know an open air venue with a forest and accommodation for 140... But a planner will, which automatically saves you hours and hours of frustration and decisions. You will want to find a planner that understands you, has similar taste and who you feel relaxed and open with.

Nowadays, as with everything wedding, there are options to suit every bride and every budget, but here is our independent guide on what you can expect...

Venue Sourcing

There are so many amazing places out there, and directory websites. A planner offers to have a consultation to find out some 'must haves', an idea of your wedding vision and location, then brings you a curated bespoke list of suitable places that meet your criteria. Planners know their area and their venues inside out and will offer recommendations that will be perfect for what you need, within your budget, cutting out all manner of temptation, stress and weekends spent visiting venues.

At the Little Top, we have a wide knowledge of venues across the South of England, especially those that are child and family friendly.

On The Day Organisation

You have everything planned, booked and ordered, but on the morning of your wedding, you, your friends and family will all be together actually at the ceremony! This service means that you can hand over your exact plan to a professional, who will ensure the candles are lit, the names are on the right seats, the bridesmaid's gifts are wrapped and waiting and the pompoms are hung at the right height.

A Wedding Tasker

You may want to stay in control but need 'an assistant' who can get the little bits and pieces done for you once you have made your decisions and chosen your suppliers. A tasker does just that- from printing and sending invites, to making your spotify playlist and arranging the flowers- just choose where you need a little extra help!

Full Wedding Planning

Would you like someone to understand your vision and recommend tried and tested companies who can make it come true, all whilst staying within budget. Full planning includes meeting, negotiating and paying all the different suppliers, consultations, helpful, calm, realistic and inspiring advice and ideas, and makes sure everything comes together to deadlines.

Yes, you will have to pay for a planner and yes, you could possibly do it all yourself. But why not let the experts help your wedding day be exactly as you envisioned it?

We work with a selection of incredible, calm, talented and passionate wedding planners who we could not recommend more. Each planner has their own style, and offers services and benefits that are exclusive to them as an individual, and I feel we have had the pleasure of working with some of the best- please do get in touch if you would like a recommendation. 

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