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Doing it for the kids

Planning a family party or event with older children or teenagers?

Is it possible to find a way to keep them happy and maybe even off their phones at parties?

We create a lot of weddings, 40th and 50th birthday parties and family festivals with children aged 2 and up, and have learnt a lot along the way about what is acceptable and what is definitely not in the eyes of a 9-15 year old!

For the under 8s, we suggest providing fun, games, crafts and all of our little top silliness. ( Or we can provide it for you- we now have a 'pop up party' box for weddings, too!)

For the older children, we have found a less supervised approach is needed; let them have some space and independence and they are far more likely to relax and enjoy the day.

Check out our tried and tested ideas to keep older children entertained, and let us know if we can help you plan your next party!

1. Games

A great ice breaker, and also a hit with adults if they are allowed a turn-

Our ping pong and table football tables add some competitive spirit at all occasions!

2. Music

For up to 14s and over 20s, our silent disco and karaoke are always very popular, but for the teens we suggest making sure they have their own space with their own speaker, as most will have their own music to play. If using a DJ, we work with some amazing young DJs who will be able to adapt style and music to suit the crowd, and we find live music, especially roaming bands are always well received by everyone, young to old.

3. Festivals

Festivals are still our most popular theme for a family event. It really works to have a separate area for older children; our chill out tents are perfect

as they give a bit of independence, and can be filled with giant jenga/ cushions and beanbags

and a mocktail bar/ a DIY tattoo station etc so teens can help themselves without any parents bothering them, or, god forbid, joining in!

4. Creative

A hit with the girls especially, is an area or station for garment decorating, t shirt printing or personalised jewellery making.

We even have a selfie booth linked to this so kids can upload, filter, amend and decorate photos and then print them on bags and t shirts at the event- a great


Other popular ideas are our henna artists, our glitter face painters and our hair braiding team.

5. Entertainment

We work with some amazing entertainers, from the world's greatest balloon artist to our amazing

magician who specialises in older boys interactive magic, and at events with older children, we

have even worked with local sports teams to organise coaching and games.

We find a photobooth is always a hit, and have a beautiful vintage photobooth or can provide a 'selfie station' with frames, props and fancy dress!

A movie night is always a guaranteed no-cringe form of entertainment-

we can set up a small tv in one of our tents, or hire larger inflartable al fresco screens.

Let us know if we can help you plan some ideas or entertainment for any upcoming events!

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