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Hogwarts comes to The Little Top!

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Grab your cloaks, classmates and cauldrons and solemnly swear you’re up to no good... The Little Top Harry potter parties have landed!

The Harry Potter phenomenon touches the hearts of those who grew up with the books, as well as inspiring a new generation of fanatics. Our creative team almost bubbled over in excitement planning our most spellbinding party theme to date!

Handmade decorations and beautiful vintage props transfigure our tents to have you imagining stepping into Hogwarts. Our games and challenges are all adapted to suit the age of guests, and even those with little knowledge will enjoy the magic, creativity and boundless energy of our Little Top team.

Our sorting hat will choose your team, and your wand will choose you- although it may need a little decoration… ( we can't possibly have a Little Top party without glitter!)

From potion making workshops to spell casting skills in our duelling challenge workshop, every witch or wizard will gain the training they need in order to defeat the greatest evil wizard of all time.

Golden snitch treasure hunts, quizzes, clues and riddles... will you be able to find all of the horcruxes? Be careful how you celebrate; chocolate, toffee and strawberry flavours are all mixed in with toothpaste, grass and even troll bogies in Bertie Bott’s Beans challenge!

After games, balloon quidditch, dancing and all manner of sorcery and witchcraft, your guests can relax with a mug of Butterbeer and join us in preparation for the Yule Ball. With pamper time for each guest to transform you from school student to party time, find your outfit from our vast supply of wizarding wear and dance the night away under the glowing lights of the Great Hall.

As with all our Little Top parties, there really is something for everyone, so even if some of your guests don't know their house elf from their quaffle, they will soon be joining in the magical experience!

We also offer beautiful Harry Potter party boxes, filled with themed charm bracelets, glitter candles, spell books, treats and pampering fun

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