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Rainy lockdown? Bring it on!

Weekends stuck at home with your family may not appeal to everyone. But over here in the Little Top, we are a family who are never happier than after a long walk, a big lunch, a lit fire and a

glass of wine as it's BOARD GAME O'CLOCK !!

My boys are 8 and 10 ( and 46), but I am choosing tried and tested favourites here for younger families too- some are purely luck based and some need a little skill. So if you don't have these ones yet, treat yourself or pop them on the Christmas list!


Quick to set up and play, a great 'waiting for dinner' alternative to a screen ... we have shelves full of card games and never go on holiday without them!

Top Trumps of course goes without saying, and our boys are big fans of gin rummy and newmarket.

Bonkers card game dreamt up by a child with pancake queens and dragons and counting and potions. been a favourite for years.

spot things that match. sounds easy, huh?! its just brilliant in every version. make sure you look at the alternative ways to play and I defy you to play quietly!

You wouldn't believe the classic card game could be improved but it's FANTASTIC. Double sided fast paced uno. Get it on your xmas list ASAP!

Way quicker and (in my mind) more fun than the whole game, this perfect for taking to the pub and can get as tactical as you want it to...

not for calm and quiet families, but tons of shouty fun and a bit like happy families. and it comes with a nice noisy bell

Try and remember the colour of bizarre things... flags/ disney characters/ skimmed milk lids etc...harder than it sounds


This list will be very controversial in my family and could cause a rift between some...but family favourites in this house across the ages are...

This is a brilliant camel racing betting piling up pyramid nonsense of a game- my tip: get someone pedantic to read the instructions and keep going- it's so worth it!

in our house this game is accompanied by lots of 'Walk like an Egyptian' style dance moves which definitely adds to the overall experience!

Nothing better than a game anyone can win, and you literally can't beat the beautiful versions now designed- our favourite is Ocean Bingo, but amusingly we have the dog and cat versions too. if it ain't broke...

GREAT for smaller kids- I'm awful at this one- it's noughts and crosses but you can overrule someone with a bigger piece so way more fun!

Can't be beaten for childhood memories and now parent memories for me- better for over 8s, easier than monopoly, frustrating and the tables can easily turn...

I love this one, even though I'm not very good at it- I love watching how my kids' minds work out the paths to take and how it keeps changing direction.

Pictionary with playdoh. it's really funny to hear the guesses!

Ever played perudo? It's a slightly easier version - bit of maths and bluffing and some lovely shakers too- recommend for mathsy kids and dice lovers.

It has always been a dream of mine to design and make board games... perhaps now is the time? Until I get there though, let us know what you think, and if you need a break, check out our #littletoplockdown page for some outdoor and indoor activities and our fabulous new craft and decor kits in the #littletopshop !

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