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Throw the perfect sleepover party!

After almost 10 years of planning, styling and creating slumber parties and glamping celebrations, we know all the tricks to make your night in one to remember!

Here's our top tips for a successful sleepover...

1. Choose your guestlist wisely

You may have lots of different friends, but they don't always feel the same way about each other. Choosing a smaller group who are all in the same friendship group will make for a more enjoyable night for everyone- we suggest up to 8 children works well but more than this is perhaps better suited to a shorter party!

Make sure guests are happy to sleep over, have stayed away from home before and you have checked with their parents whether they may need any extra support ( nightmares/ bed wetting/ cuddly toys/ lights left on etc can stop at different ages in different houses). Make sure all children are well aware where the nearest adult will be sleeping, and where to find water and a toilet if they need them.

2. Prepare a loose timetable

Feel free to blame a parent here, but definitely make a couple of things clear for your guests- we always suggest a bit of a timeline and a few basic rules so that you get at least a little sleep and everyone knows the boundaries!

Our parties tend to go along these lines....

4.30pm Guests arrive- mocktails and find your bed! ( naming the beds before the guests arrive is always MUCH easier than when they are there and less likely to cause any upset!

5 pm Activity ( see below)

6pm Dinner time

6.30 pm Activity

7pm. Pyjamas and screens to mum and dad- no phones allowed after this point!

7.30pm Movie night and popcorn

9.30pm Teeth cleaning, settle down

10pm lights out

10.30pm Warning!

11pm Anyone talking goes to bed in another room

Obviously they will be up late as they are having SO MUCH FUN so we would always suggest a pick up after breakfast so tired children can spend the next day at home recovering!

3. Activities

Craft kits, bead bars, donut walls, movie nights, pamper parties, photobooths, footspas, silent discos, macrame workshops, flower crowns, hair braiders, biscuit decorating.....

The list is ENDLESS but we suggest having something crafty/ sitting and something energetic- let us know if we can help you with this bit, as we sell kits and work with our fabulous team and suppliers to create the most magical parties.

3. The wow factor

It's always good to choose a colour scheme, and to try to set up beds to match so that you get that fabulous gasp as the guests arrive!

( Balloon clouds always add some impact here too!)

We LOVE fairy lights and anything personalised over here, and have been known to personalise pyjamas, slippers, pillowcases, dressing gowns, trainers, denim jackets.... anything we can get our hands on! This also makes for a fun craft activity and ticks the party bag box in a sustainable and reusable bespoke way!

If you need any ideas, bespoke kits, decor or our team's help to create a night to remember, then please do get in touch with xx

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