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Birthday Bootcamp! Little top outdoor children's obstacle course parties- fun guaranteed!

Most people seem to think that just because it's no longer officially summer, and schools have started 'autumn term', parties all have to be held inside. Yet containing hordes of young children fuelled on over excitement, fancy dress and sugar for 2 hours in your own home is not generally your idea of fun...

The little top are now offering your very own 'birthday bootcamp' parties in open spaces.

We will provide a decorated gazebo (or one of our beautiful party tents if on private land) a fabulous packed lunch picnic, along with a treasure hunt in the woods, an amazing and fun obstacle course, and a personalised print your own t shirt or craft activity.

We can always add in a den building activity if your monkeys have enough energy left!

Contact for more details and let us make your child's party one to remember!

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