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Sleepovers- the perfect winter birthday party

At the little top we get a lot of requests for our signature sleepover parties- both boys and girls, and all ages. We have now launched our 'daytime sleepover parties' for younger children, so there really is something for everyone. 

As a mother whose 2 chidren were born in November, I understand the frustration of not being able to have the amazing outdoor picnic party due to the joyous British climate, and wanted to find a way to have a winter party without being in a soft play centre or destroying my home...

We now have both indoor and outdoor tents, and our child safe camping heaters mean that if you're brave enough, you can sleep outdoors all year round(just beware the 3am need for a toilet trip!).

Our overnight sleepovers include a beautiful indoor or outdoor tent with decorations, cushions, rugs, fairy lights, blankets, battery powered lanterns, a fancy dress box, self inflating mattresses and a midnight feast hamper.

Our costs include set-up and takedown at times to suit, and all of the above details.

We can include an hour of bespoke entertainment with 2 of our Little top team- pamper party/ spy party/ army commando party, art and crafts, biscuit decorating, jewellery making and nail painting etc for an additional cost.

personalised sleepover party pyjamas

We can also hire out our gorgeous star print sleeping bags and provide personalised pyjamas and sleepover kits- bespoke boxes of fun for each child- glow in the dark bunny ears, eye patches, nail polish, popcorn and tattoos etc.

For the younger ones, we now offer a 3 hour daytime sleepover- children arrive in pyjamas and dressing downs, and we have an hour of ridiculous fun, crafts, games, treasure hunts, pass the parcel, prizes and nonsense before settling down with blankets and cushions for a midnight feast, hot chocolate and a film. We can include craft activities and theme the party to anything that your child may desire- pirates, princesses, space, circus, superheroes etc, and make sure we choose a suitable film.

 If you would like any more details or information then please do get in touch  - we aim to be as bespoke as needed to make sure your party is as perfect as possible.

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